Job Information


The Creative Operations Coordinator is responsible for supporting a highly efficient Editorial team, keeping creative assets organized, coordinating award show submissions and events, as well as managing voice over recordings. The role of Creative Operations Coordinator is responsible for assisting in the management of these internal operational processes. Working in conjunction with a wide array of internal departments to achieve our goals, we are looking for a bright and energetic coordinator who can help with the daily responsibilities and tasks involved with this. This role is perfect for someone who loves the AV creative editorial process and understands what it takes "make a great cut".


  • Editorial Resource Coordination across all departments
  • Assists Manager in the management the day-to-day editorial assignments, covering all editorial scheduling
  • Proactively monitors workloads of editors to ensure efficiency.
  • Checks in regularly with creative teams to plan out ongoing editorial assignments and collaboratively solve scheduling challenges.
  • Joins Editorial Resource Manager in daily meetings with Producers and Associate Producers to assess resource needs, manage all editors’ daily schedules, and helps raise issues to resolve with the Resource Manager in scheduling conflicts.
  • Monitors the need for freelance resources, working in conjunction with the Editorial Resource Manager to help identify when freelancers or additional staff may help resource.
  • Track and Guide Editor Workload
  • Checks in daily (or as much as necessary) with Editors to assess their current workloads, and Editors’ general perception and approach of the creative work.
  • Time Sheets and Time Off Request Approvals
  • Process/approves all editorial PTO requests.
  • Obtains the necessary approvals from producers whenever vacation times overlap, or resources are limited.
  • Associate Editor Cross-Over Collaboration
  • Communicates with Producers and Senior Director of Operations to project Associate Editor needs, including but not limited to dailies organization, feature assemblies, scene cutting and other miscellaneous editorial needs.
  • Finished Assets Sharing Management
  • Coordinate with Finishing department to ensure that we have received all finished materials for a campaign after the release.
  • Maintain an accurate log of studio’s finished work sharing clearances & individual client sharing approvals.
  • Maintain & update MOCEAN’s website with newly released finished materials.
  • Ensure that the website is up to date with newly released projects; create and publish website project pages in a timely manner.
  • Create playlists for producers & sales executives to share with clients.
  • Gather and distribute finished materials for editor reels and external requests.
  • Award Show Coordination
  • Track awards cycles and inform teams of upcoming submission dates.
  • Pull finished materials, obtain approvals, and submit spots for consideration.
  • Support planning for attendance/participation with award show organizers.
  • Purchase tickets and trophies for award winners.
  • Track costs/wins/credits for awards process.
  • Voice Over Request Management
  • Facilitate the voice over request process: from receiving requests, through fulfillment and billing.
  • Manage & enhance MOCEAN’s strong relationships with talent’s agents & managers, acting as liaison between the talent and MOCEAN’s creative teams.
  • Ensure timely and accurate payment for voice-over sessions.
  • Complete union contracts, obtain talent’s approvals & signatures through their representatives, send payment for processing, and receive invoices.

Skills / Preferences
  • Must be technically knowledgeable in post-production workflows.
  • Proficient in the post-production needs of Theatrical and TV Streaming departments.
  • Able to work effectively with Float scheduling software, Google docs, and Excel.
  • Excellent prioritization and time management skills; maintains a schedule on Outlook meeting calendar.
  • Familiar with and passionate about our industry and the creative work.
  • Demonstrate the ability to think ahead and plan accordingly, anticipating upcoming and future editorial needs and issues.
  • Display diplomacy when navigating the competing needs of producers, and shows professional and emotional maturity when having difficult conversations in service to creative and logistical problem solving.
  • Must be a team player, willing to work with multiple departments to troubleshoot problems and produce innovative solutions.
  • Maintain a positive attitude, communicating and collaborating actively with a variety of people in a busy, creative environment.
  • Must be able to work with and understand creative (Editors), and communicate individually with each one personally in order to maintain a positive and free-flowing working relationship.
  • Pro-active and takes the lead on any projects and assignments delegated.
  • Being available to producers and coordinators as necessary, which may mean accessibility during off-hours via phone and email, to get the job done.